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What is Intumescent?

What is Intumescent?

What is Intumescent?

Intumescent material is a thin (normally 0.5mm - 2.0mm thick) protection strip or sheet that is placed between the fire door ironmongery and the door itself, to provide passive fire protection.

Passive fire protection is ONLY activated in the event of a fire and works to seal any gaps created between the door and it's frame (to slow the spread of the fire through the doorway).

  • MAP or Graphite compounds
  • 0.8, 1.0 & 2.0mm thickness
  • Fire Rating FD30-FD120


Sheet Material

What is Intumescent?

What is Intumescent?

Intumescent material can be supplied in sheets or rolls and can easily be cut to the required size.

  • Cut to size
  • MAP upto 2000x1000mm
  • Graphite upto 30,000x950mm

We offer a 'made to measure' service and can provide sheet material based on your individual requirements.

Please contact us for a quote.


Pre-Cut Cases

What is Intumescent?

Pre-Cut Cases

This range of pre-cut, self adhesive pieces of intumescent material provide a quick solution for a variety of common fire door ironmongery.

  • Fire rated hinges
  • Fire rated locks, latches & bolts
  • Fire rated Door Closers

These cases are designed to accurately fit around all aspects of your fire door hardware (including strike plates and radius corners).

With over 150 designs available we will ALWAYS have the right case for your product. Ask us today for a quote or, visit our online shop.

'Made to Measure' Intumescent Design Service

Can't find the product you need? Get it made, to measure!

Speak to a member of our technical team

If you would like further advice or information about the intumescent material products available, call our office on 01305 457073 and ask to speak to Dave or a member of our technical team. We are here to help.