How to buy the right protection for your fire door


A simple guide to buying intumescent protection

Step 1: Specification

How to buy fire door accessories

Most ironmongery MUST be fitted with intumescent protection, in order to make sure that the fire door works correctly in the event of a fire.

Check with the manufacturer of your ironmongery, for them to advise you whether you need intumescent protection to fit their products correctly.

BUYERS TIP: We provide a 'FREE product check' service, let us know us the product code and details and we will let you know what you need!

Step 2: MAP or Graphite?

Do I need hinge pads with fire door hinges

Intumescent protection for fire door hardware has two main types: MAP (Mono Amonia Sulphate) and Graphite.

While the two products perform the same basic function, they are different.

  • MAP is white, fibre based
  • Graphite is black, non-fibrous 

BUYERS TIP: Graphite is lower cost & is less susceptible to water & other elements. Find out more and download our FREE comparison chart below.

Step 3: Pre-cut or sheet?

What type of hinge pads or lock kits does my ironmongery need?

For simple products like hinges and door viewers, a single surface piece of material is enough to fill the gap.

Locks, latches and more complex hinges will require casings that fit around every edge (so it might be worth buying a pre-cut case that quickly fits around without having to measure and cut it out).

BUYERS TIP: Sheet material can be used on a variety of product shapes (and is more cost effective) but requires measuring, cutting and folding to install).