Fire Essentials - Product Range

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Fire Essentials is a range of economy products and door packs that provide COMPLETE fire door solutions.

ALL ironmongery INCLUDES compatible intumescent protection kits, to ensure that it meets the required fire standards.

Fitting fire rated ironmongery WITHOUT intumescent COULD invalidate the Certifire certificate of your ironmongery.

The aim of the Fire Essentials range is to reduce the cost of fire door installation/maintenance without reducing safety standards.

Information available:

  • Product Brochures
  • Certifire documentation (where applicable)
  • Data sheets
  • Fitting instructions
  • Test reports/evidence

Products available:

  • HINGES including pre-cutself adhesive intumescent hinge pads
  • LOCKS including pre-cut self adhesive intumescent lock kits
  • LATCHES including pre-cut self adhesive intumescent latch kits
  • Fire Rated LETTERPLATES including pre-fitted intumescent wrap
  • DOOR VIEWERS including pre-cut intumescent pads
  • Fire Door Keep LOCKED and Fire Door Keep SHUT signs

We also supply sets of products, including:

  • Hinge and Latch including intumescent kits for both
  • Lock and Latch including intumescent kits for both
  • Lock and Cylinder and Latch inluding intumescent kits (where applicable)

More door sets are available, please ask for details.

If you have ANY questions about these products or the information available please email our office on